How Consumer Financing Can Benefit Your Business

Many businesses, whether they are in-store or online and big or small, face the challenge of succeeding in today’s highly competitive markets. Consumer finance is a tool with many advantages that we at Progressive Capital Lending Group can use to help your business further establish itself.

Become More Competitive

The benefits of introducing a credit card program include increasing brand awareness and attracting more customers. Progressive Capital Lending Group strives to implement successful programs by incorporating features that include the following:

    • Detailed training that prepares employees to utilize the program
    • Marketing support to inform consumers about your program
    • Quick and consistent credit decisions to further build the program
    • Exceptional support and online resources to address any future program needs

Build Customer Loyalty

Consumer financing makes customers feel more secure when making large purchases from a business they trust. With benefits such as an easy application process and a simple online account that helps them make payments in a timely manner, it is no surprise that a consumer finance program through Progressive Capital Lending Group leads to repeat business from loyal customers.

Learn More About Consumer Financing Today

With a consumer finance program, both the business and the customer benefit. See how a program through Progressive Capital Lending Group can fit your business today by calling and receiving a free analysis from our commercial finance professionals.