Obtain Usable Capital Quickly With Accounts Receivable Financing

When you sell your accounts receivable invoices at a discount to Progressive Capital Lending Group, you get the freedom of fast, usable capital in return. Any company with unpaid invoices for goods sold or services rendered can potentially benefit from financing receivables.

How AR Financing Differs From Other Financing Options

When you use AR financing, you are not taking out a loan but selling an asset. Therefore, we evaluate your customers’ credit and offer receivables financing based on their credit rating, not yours. Once you receive payment, the money can be used to cover payroll or other expenses, purchase new inventory or make your plans to expand your business a reality.

The Benefits You Can Expect

Progressive Capital Lending Group offers credit insurance on your customers’ accounts at no cost to you. You can also expect the following additional benefits:

  • Fast cash for whatever your business needs, paid within 24 hours
  • Financing without a payment plan
  • Freedom from dealing with loan boards
  • Non-recourse accounts receivable financing with no personal guarantee required
  • Opportunity for future increase in funding with an increase in sales

Whether you are funding a start-up, losing money or just needing extra capital for an exciting new project, financing receivables could be the right funding choice for you. Call or apply today for a no-obligation assessment.